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Google Super Vote For President in 2016 - Google Images of a New World
Time-length-icon 8m 22s
Publish-date-icon May 21, 2014
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Google Super Vote For President In 2016 is the pathway for how to use Google's new voting technology for something much better than just picking the winner of American Idol and much better than just voting for the same old 'Usual Suspects' that they force upon us from the two Parties. Today we can use this same Internet Technology to select from a much wider range of candidates in the next Presidential Election PLUS select from and encourage a much wider range of ideas.

Let's make the United States of America live up to it's historical promise of becoming a real democracy. Why do we still use an old and antiquated technology designed during the horse-and-buggy days, when there was no Internet, there was no electricity, not even phones or electric lights? Why not upgrade our system of government to actually use today's modern technology where we can use Google Super-Vote and the rest of the Internet to choose from a much longer list of candidates that could be in the thousands, each of them with completely new ideas and real common-sense solutions to our biggest problems, instead of the ones we get from the freshly-bribed in Congress, the power elite which I call - 'The very puny and greatly undersized Brain Trust?

Google's corporate motto is 'Do No Evil'. And, though, this motto expresses, a highly unambitious goal, at least they strive to do nothing wrong every day. With Google making the Super-Vote technology available to all of the voting public in America today, they will be able to change their motto to 'Do Lots of Good' instead, a far more positive and engaging approach in my mind.

This book shows us how we can use the Internet to choose from a much wider variety of candidates not just the usual suspects from the two parties, who are really part of a larger conspiracy to rule the world for the Super-Rich and the largest corporate interests. In the elections of 2016, we are going to be given the choice of one family dynasty over another. The two candidates for President that the two parties will put forward for us will be from the Bush family and the Clinton family. Haven't the ideas of these two families been exhausted by now? Have we not suffered enough under these two Imperial Presidencies? Do we have to suffer another Bush? Even Barbara Bush stated publicly that . . "This country doesn't need another Bush." She was right, of course. Another Bush, or even the ideas put forth by the devils who forced Bush upon us will put the final nails in our collective coffins. Another Clinton, would do the same. What makes the wife of a President qualified to be the next President, other than her "Popularity". What new ideas would Bill Clinton's wife have to offer us? Compare this limited range of ideas put forth by the Dynasties, compared to the limitless new and common-sense ideas of the 'Wisdom of the Crowd', the creative and original thoughts of the American public at large.

In History, there are moments like this only once in a lifetime where everything can change and the whole world pivots on the smallest of changes that lead to a revolution in thinking. If the vast majority of the American people truly want to create jobs, balance the federal budget, cut Foreign Aid, or abolish the IRS, why is that not the law of the land immediately upon our agreeing on that something? We do not have that kind of responsive government solely because the Internet was not available at the forming of this democracy.

Well, the Internet is in full blossom today, and our Constitution allows, no begs us to adapt it, change it, alter it, amend it to satisfy our needs whenever we so choose. After reading this book, and learning about the clear and simple path to economic and political progress presented here, the reader will either become convinced that he or she must get involved, or there will be no hope for this great nation.

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